Who I Am

Male University Student from Toronto, Ontario…Psychology and Political Science double major, I love reading and I love writing about anything and everything. I plan on getting my masters and possibly continuing on to acquire my PhD or PsyD. A few of my interests include video production, business and finance, technology neuroscience, and counseling. I know…a lot from a lot of different fields but my interests are a pretty good representation of my personality, diverse and maybe even all over the place. I hope that there is something at some point that everyone that reads this blog can relate to/enjoy. The point is to share things that interest and help me with everyone else and…

Making a difference, a small step at a time…I believe personal growth and understanding of oneself are of the utmost importance. I am working on improving myself and helping others work on themselves as well, working together to build better individuals, communities and a better world.

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