If You Don’t Want White People To Say The N-Word, You Shouldn’t Say It Yourself.

Thought Catalog


Ever notice who discusses the “N word” the most? Cooks. Which of course is unsurprising. Cooks, in case you haven’t noticed, love to use Nutmeg in their dishes. But I jest, dear reader. Of course I’m not talking about nutmeg. I’m talking about the darkest, scariest, most taboo word in the history of the English language. A word so filled with hate and vile, humans have had wars over its very use. No, not YWHW. That’s Hebrew. I’m talking about a word so deprived of anything good and wholesome, Gangsta Rap made a song about it.

Of course, we’re talking about the word “nigga”. Like our good friend Kovie pointed out, white people love using the word [citation needed]. They scream it like a war cry[citation needed[2]].

While her own personal experiences are not something I’m going to argue, because I don’t know her very well, I…

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