When Is It Okay For A Christian To Judge?

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Paul NicholsonPaul Nicholson

Well, the answer to your question is never.

But  what if –

Nope, never.

Yeah but they –


But –


Yeah but they’re –


Here’s the deal, my friends, family, and wonderful readers. The answer to the question when is it okay for a Christian to judge is never, at any time. Why is this? Well in short, you’re just as sinful and tainted as the person you’re trying to judge, so it’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle black and you look like an idiot doing that.

The long answer is this. Throughout scripture, AKA the Bible, AKA THE WORD OF GOD, you are never once in the entirety of that book from Genesis to Revelation called to pass judgment on another human. Ever. It doesn’t matter if they’re gay, black, white, Jewish, transsexual, bisexual, fat, tall, short, skinny, ugly, pretty, a…

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