10 Things You Did Not Know About Depression

Depression is a mental illness that affects a person’s mood and feelings

having a large impact on the way an individual views themselves

as well as how they interact with the people around them.

Internal symptoms of depression

Internal symptoms of depression

External Symptoms of depression.

External Symptoms of depression.









1. Depression is the most prevalent form of mental illness.

2. Anything can lead to depression, there is no ONE cause and these things are highly subjective.

What hurts an individual and to what degree is based solely on that person, some people are lucky to have a stronger ability to cope with some things than others whereas some are not as equipped. It is important not to expect everyone to react to things the exact same way.

3. Irritability and anger are possible symptoms of depression.

4. It is possible to function at a high level when going through a depressive episode.

Not all depression looks the same which makes it hard to visibly notice, not everyone struggling with depression lays in bed all day doing nothing. Raises the question, how many functioning individuals within our everyday society are we unaware of that may be struggling with depression.

5. 80% of depressed individuals do NOT receive any treatment.

Imagine if 80% of people with broken bones didn’t receive treatment for whatever reason, wouldn’t be much of a functioning society.

6. Estimated by the World Health Organization to become the second highest medical cause of disability by 2030/ first being HIV/AIDS

This is extremely alarming, especially in relation to the fact above.

7. Total cost of depression is $44 billion, BILLION. Breakdown below:

Dollars in billions

Dollars in billions

*Absenteeism= Reduced productivity at work/Absence at important functions/duties and obligations.

8. Ranks in the top 5 as a cause of disability/early death.

Depressed individuals have 2x greater overall mortality risk compared to individuals that do not deal with depression.

9. Highly correlated with other disorders such as anxiety and can lead to further health issues such as stroke.

10. Depressed individuals are more susceptible to common colds than people that are not dealing with depression.

Mental health issues have been swept under the rug for too long it is time that we come together to become more aware of these problems and discover collective methods of properly helping individuals that struggle with these things.


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