5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood

Unfortunately we cannot all be happy-go lucky everyday, for some there are dog days sprinkled in between our good days where absolutely nothing seems to be going our way, and for others there appears to be more bad days than good days. Various methods are used in order to help us cope with our troubled times and there is no one universal form of treatment for negative moods. Here are five little things you can do to help improve your mood and give you the slight boost you need to keep going.

1. Do a favor for someone else.

  • Creates a change of focus, instead of keeping the focus on yourself and how bad of a mood you are in you focus on doing something for someone else. A favor in this sense doesn’t by any means have to be something major or life-changing.

2. Tidy up your room/maintain its cleanliness.

  • “How silly what does a clean room have to do with what is going on inside my head?” A lot more than you think, just as changing a behavior may change your feelings; changing your outer state can help change your inner state. It is said that our surroundings (room, place of shelter) are representations of our minds; a complete utter mess on the outside signifies possible turmoil on the inside.

3. Talk to yourself.

  • This sounds a bit on the “not all there” side but with all that goes on inside of our heads verbalizing our thoughts to ourselves can help us think more efficiently. In situations where there is a specific problem this can also help with our ability to problem solve. Way over there side note: Kevin Garnett can be frequently seen talking to himself, Kevin Garnett has a net worth of roughly $200 million. Sign me up. Hey KG

3B. Talk to yourself…in written form.

  • Keep a journal, diary, piece of paper with random thoughts, call it whatever you want just use it!


  • Go for a calming walk, sit up and do some meditating, do something relaxing that doesn’t include lying in bed Facebook surfing.

5. Listen to uplifting music.

  • What exact type of music this is can vary, whatever it is you like there is one song that is GUARANTEED to make even the Grinch himself…HAPPY



Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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