6 Things People Believe About Love (Which Are Myths)

Thought Catalog

 greg westfall
greg westfall

Caring is a weakness

There is a perception out there that someone who cares too much is desperate, needy, overly eager, or too interested. Wait, what? How can someone be overly interested? Overly eager? It’s LOVE for crying out loud, who wouldn’t be eager and interested in something they love or finding love? Caring should not be looked down upon as a sign of weakness or a flaw. The world needs more people who care. For that matter – if you don’t care, that is the first sign that you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing, how you’re spending your time, and why you are hanging out with this person.

We should save our love for those who are worthy or deserving

First of all, how does one deserve love? We tend to be reactive when it comes to how we treat others. We cautiously analyze how someone…

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