10 Dating Games You Shouldn’t Waste Time Playing

Thought Catalog

New Girl: Season 1New Girl: Season 1

1. Find The Hidden Agenda.

There’s nothing worse than the person who pretends to wear their heart on their sleeve when they actually have an ace up it. This game is a lot like Where’s Waldo but instead of a striped shirt-wearing fellow, you’re trying to spy an ulterior motive.

This game is trickier than the others because you may not even know you’re taking part in it, but your gut usually tries to send notifications if you are. Instead of being surrounded by crowds of people like Waldo is, this hidden agenda will be enclosed in things you find attractive, so you may lose focus or subconsciously prolong the search because you don’t want it to end. That person may just want sex or materials or a rebound or to make someone else jealous or something other than what you have in mind, which means even if…

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