45 People Share The Best Piece Of Advice They’ve Ever Heard

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Found on AskReddit.

Mt. Hood TerritoryMt. Hood Territory

1. On giving excuses.

Don’t ruin a good apology with an excuse

2. On comparing.

If you keep comparing your life to someone else’s you will never be happy.

3. On “hoping.”

“Hope is not a strategy.”

My dad says this whenever someone says “I hope this works out” or something.

Pretty much it means you can’t rely on something working out, if you want it to work do something to make it happen!


4. On saving.

Always save 10% of what you earn.

5. On toilets.

Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

6. On manners.

Make eye contact when shaking hands.

7. On college.

My dad gave me this piece of advice before I left for college: “Treat it like a job. Work 9 to 5, going to classes, then studying in a quiet spot in the library. Nothing…

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