Stop Complaining About Getting Friendzoned

Thought Catalog

Quit the bullshit. I’ve seen too many guys complain online, in real-life, wherever, about being “friendzoned.” But I’m going to clear the air. The friendzone, is an excuse. It’s an excuse for when a guy likes a girl but the girl doesn’t like the guy back. It’s a sense of entitlement. It’s the idea that just because a guy gives a girl his time or affection, she’s in the wrong for not giving him sexual or romantic favors back. It’s a defense mechanism, a way for the guy to make the girl seem coldhearted or callous or dumb for simply acting on her feelings, or rather lack of feelings.

I see guys posting on Facebook all the time about the friendzone, fraternizing over the fact that a female has friendzoned them. I mean, it’s easy to do: the friendzone is a way for the guy to flip his rejection onto…

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