The 20-Something Male Who Doesn’t Feel ‘Manly’

Thought Catalog

As a 20-something male who would generally be considered “in the peak of his prime,” I don’t too often feel the most hulking example of young adult male vitality and vigor.  As I am currently writing this, I am sitting at my computer, listening to classical music on the radio, enjoying the company of my roommate and I’s cat, drinking coffee and eating chocolate chip muffins I made myself, and sporting a pair of white plugs (my ears are stretched) that have multicolored butterflies imprinted upon them.  My roommate just so happens to be a rather attractive female who I share a strictly platonic relationship with. I also have not been sexually (or romantically, really) involved with anyone since my ex of at least 4 years ago.

To those who would be quick to make assumptions based upon the stereotypes of gender and sexual preference, I would probably appear as…

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