Being Passive Aggressive Does Not Work

Thought Catalog

Human beings have a wide spectrum of emotions. Some of which should be expressed or contained, depending on the context. In most situations, emotions of happiness, joy or elation are likely to be expressed while emotions of contempt, disdain or dislike are likely to be contained even though the latter option is not very healthy.  When a person decides to hide feelings of hurt or contempt, they usually do it to spare someone else’s feelings and this is perfectly fine…MOST OF THE TIME. The problems begin when these bad feelings build up to a point where they can no longer be contained and they overflow at the WRONG MOMENT. Ajssdbjdvjvfejefjb…OOPS!

I have seen this happen over and over again to the people in my life and myself. How do we deal with these uncontrollable feelings, you ask? The answer is simple: WE EXPRESS THEM. Tell your friend when you think…

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