10 Unique Moods That People With A Lot Of Feelings Understand

Thought Catalog

1. Reflecting on sad or unfortunate moments that happened over a decade ago.

I pointed & laughed when Shirley tripped and fell in second grade and she started crying. I wonder if she’s forgotten or forgiven me for that? I wonder if she’s okay. I should call her. SHIRLEY! Oh, what am I doing, she can’t hear me. She moved to Wisconsin years ago and I’m in bed and it’s 3am and why am I worrying about this and not sleeping and possibly waking the neighbors with my yelling? Ugh — just stop, close your eyes and get some rest… Seriously though, I should probably track her down and apologize tomorrow.

2. My phone is probably broken or service is messed up and that’s why I haven’t heard from anybody in a while.

No calls or texts for the past 36 hours? Psh, no biggie, Verizon is probably doing system…

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