3 Types of Women Found on College Campuses


Man I love college. There are roughly 7.1 billion people on earth, which means there are 7.1 billion unique personalities. Being in college allows for direct exposure to a multitude of different personalities and types of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. This diversity makes for an incredible experience and a great means of jump-starting a pretty sweet social life or a strong network of professionals now or in the future. Among the group of people at our avail on campus there are distinct types of females that can be found on college campuses across the globe, who doesn’t like talking about women? (Sorry guys)

1. Ms. “Sent from Heaven”

Description: “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”


Literally. That girl that you spot out of the corner of your eye much after the window of opportunity has closed, you might see her one more time during the semester. If you’re lucky enough you may get the chance to speak to her but not in most cases, at least after reading this you can do a full sprint across the library and have a decent explanation…just tell her you read on a blog that odds are you’ll never see her again and you didn’t want to lose your one chance to become acquainted.

2. Ms. Tootsie Pop

Description: Hard on the outside, soft on the inside


What? You thought this analogy was only reserved for men? With the uprising of this “Think like a Man” phenomenon there are more and more women who play the “I don’t have a heart”, “I’m heartless”, and “I don’t care about______(Insert whatever you want)” cards but just like guys this facade is just that…an artificial appearance masking reality. This type of female is especially prevalent on college campuses where “emotions can get you killed”. If you were as heartless as you claimed you’d be dead. Hurray.

3. Ms. Savannah Brinson

Description: Married without the ring.


It seems like it took Savannah(Lebron James wife) ages until she finally got her ring. Hats off to her for riding it out and being patient, now it’s probably a bit easier to stick with Lebron James than it would be to stick with a 20-something year old that isn’t guaranteed to be some sort of mega-star but at campuses everywhere you’ll find a bevy of females that lead other men to question “why the hell is she still with that guy?”…hopefully they all end up getting that ever elusive ring when the time is right. You’ve got to love, young love.


What are some of the types of girls on your college campuses?

Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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