Small Talk Vs. Raw Talk

Thought Catalog

I’ve never been a fan or skilled practitioner of such “small talk”.

Now, I don’t define “small talk” by specific topics or interaction durations. I refer to small talk as conversations in which parties are not truly engaged (present, open, curious) but converse to fulfill a perceived social cordiality or avoid awkwardness. Small talk progression (as I define it) isn’t driven by we genuinely want to know but by mainstream models of what we should want to know. Small-talk interactions can occur not just w/ strangers or colleagues but also friends & family.

As I’ve grown to realize the power & criticality of vulnerability for meaningful connection, I’ve observed that the conversations I enjoy most, though diverse in topic/duration/relationship dynamic, share one thing in common: they are raw, stripped of judgments, free from impositions of social norms, emotionally risky.

In learning to live more consciously, I grow bolder in establishing…

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