The Light at the End of the Tunnel…pt.1

I have never been much of a fan of people minimizing others problems/troubles by referring to what can be deemed other “more severe” issues that other people may be dealing with... If I just lost my foot, not to sound like a complete asshole but, I don’t really want to hear that some people are born without feet. As a somewhat logical individual I understand the hardships that many people go through involuntarily and I can empathize with their situations but it honestly is not an effective way of helping me cope with the fact that I…Me…just lost my own foot. 

In some instances, the only reason someone will bring up hardships of others is because they don’t really know what to say in regards to the situation they are presented with. It’s better to sit and listen attentively while saying nothing at all than to spew of a bunch of cliche b*lls***

We are all individuals and one of the greatest things another person can do is to acknowledge that and to treat an individual accordingly, this suggests that we are actually taking the time to get to know one another which is another struggle in and of itself.

The next time somebody presents you with a present problem in their lives try to separate all the other instances you may have heard of a similar story and try to look at this as an entirely new situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting a plan of action that may have worked in another instance but remember emotions differ, what one person feels another may not, which is why it’s important to separate situations as well as try your best to understand the person you are currently dealing with.

We are all called upon to be helpers of some sort at some point in time when it comes to our personal relationships, the help we can offer tens to go a much longer way than we can ever imagine, even simply sitting and listening not saying much of anything can be a huge difference maker.

5 Tips to Dealing with Others

  • Genuineness
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Attentiveness
  • Being Unbiased
  • Being Available


I look forward to sharing what I think is a very important aspect of coping and that is…dealing with things on your own. Some tips that work for me, why I think it is important to be self-reliant, and a couple of other things. Pt.2.

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