5 Quotes That Will Remind You What Is Important

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I’m on a war against bullshit.

Not other people’s bullshit. That war is unwinnable.

Everyone lives in their own private bullshitorium and they will never leave it even to say “hello” to you.

But my own bullshit…

I can’t stand when I’m thinking or saying something and then I realize, “I just lost the battle against my own bullshit, ONCE AGAIN”.

Here’s five quotes that help me win the battle, at least with myself.

— “There’s always a very good reason and there’s always a real reason.”

When people give you their bullshit reason for doing something always assume they are giving you a good reason but not the real reason.

Example: my 14 year old wants to see the movie “Jaws” tonight that’s playing outdoors by the river.

“It’s a classic and I’ve never seen it,” she says. That sounds like a good reason. The real reason is that…

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