Thinking Outside the Box…#newrules

Traditional is no longer the only way (if it’s ever been I don’t know). Tradition is important as is history, it’s important to acknowledge and understand the way things have been done but it’s also just as important to be able to think outside of the box, which box you ask? That box that leads you to do things the way you have always seen them to be done, that box that creates fear anytime you try to do something as it’s never been done.

It’s time to be innovative and build on what’s already been done, it’s time to re-invent. This doesn’t pertain to only one avenue or aspect of life, recently we’ve seen Kanye West and Jay-Z think outside of the box when preparing and releasing their respective albums by doing things never done before (releasing a lead single on buildings across various countries, come on), we’ve seen Lebron James dominate the basketball court in ways never seen before (combining elements of various greats and putting them together). These men are hardly the only individuals being innovative, many across the world are doing things a new way, bringing new things to the table, and changing the landscape of their lives and the world as we know it.

Thinking outside of the box does not require huge steps and you can apply #newrules to the simplest parts of your life, in relationships, new ways of thinking, inventions, how you sleep, how you cook, music, interior design, fashion, the list goes on. Not everyone can wake up suddenly and EUREKA, change everything, especially when life is good as it is but everyone can gradually add some new elements to parts of their lives to spice things up as well as to reach the pinnacle of excitement and success…here are 3 simple ways to guide yourself to think outside the box and create #newrules #yourrules

1. Give your mind time to relax

Our minds are constantly working, figuring things out, and guiding us, not an easy task. It’s good practice to give our minds time to reboot and recover just like our bodies, relaxing your mind will allow for the mind to come up with new, fascinating ways of doing what can be viewed as mundane tasks as well as come up with innovative ideas.

2. Try Putting Things Together

Perfect example of this would be the tablet, a combination of a laptop and a mobile device…years ago this idea would seem so far-fetched but in this day an age has created an outstanding niche market. Try combining elements of various things and see what you can come up with, some of the greatest ideas are just a combination of previous great ideas.


I REPEAT, DO SOMETHING NEW, if you have brushed your teeth with your right hand for your entire life switch to your left hand for a day…if you eat the meat on your plate before your side dish, eat the side dish and then the meat. While some things may seem miniscule (who really cares what hand they brush their teeth with) any step no matter the size…is a step.

It’s a new age, it’s time to open our minds. #newrules


Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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