God Complex

As a human being I must say there are few things, if any that are cooler than…human beings (especially ones named David Kantanka) there are so many things that make human beings so cool and fascinating. One of the coolest things about humans is that it is virtually impossible to 100%, without a doubt, know everything about any one individual, why they do the things they do, behave the way they behave etc. (Amanda Bynes anyone?)

We all sometimes wonder things such as “What the hell was insertnamehere thinking?”, “Is he/she crazy?”, or my personal favorite “I have no idea what this person is saying/hinting at but I will nod and say okay”. Thankfully for all of us there are an endless amount of theories/diagnoses Et cetera Et cetera that give us some sort of answer to the questions we have regarding human beings and human behavior.

One thing that may or may not be cooler than human beings is reading (got that kiddies?), for me it’s reading all about different fascinating psychological theories and such…most of the time I am grateful for these things and the great minds behind them such as Sigmund Freud, Ernest Jones, B.F Skinner. With that said, I am compelled to talk about some of my favorite psych related topics starting with…the God complex !

God complex is a term coined by Ernest Jones, it is not used as an actual diagnosis nor is it a clinical term. The term is defined as an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. In laymen terms an extremely arrogant individual that believes they can do no wrong and that everything they say is right (my way or…no way). I wonder how many people after reading that description thought of Kanye West especially after he released an album entitled Yeezus with a song called ‘I am a God’…said individuals typically have very inflated egos and do believe themselves to be omnipotent, pretty crazy huh.


Know anybody personally that you think fits this description? Send them to the nearest facility ASAP…just kidding, all jokes aside this a serious issue that many people deal with and actually need help to overcome, individuals that struggle with the God complex have very fragile self-esteem and are extremely sensitive to how others perceive them. A battle with the God complex can lead to various disorders such as manic depression. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.


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