19 Little Things That Reaffirm Your Faith In Humanity

Thought Catalog

1. When you see someone on the metro in the morning and something just tells you that they’re going to be rude and grumpy, but they end up being the nicest of all — holding the door open for people and letting people go before them, even with a smile.

2. When a baby looks across a checkout line or a store aisle directly at you and smiles from ear to ear. Mouthing back “Hi!” and smiling, and watching it freak out in a small fit of joy and wiggle back and forth in happiness. (And at least for that moment, the parent pushing it around is completely free and undistracted.)

3. Seeing someone stopped to talk with a homeless person and seeing if they can really do anything to help them, aside from just tossing them a few coins and walking away.

4. Realizing that you can do the…

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