I Have A Few Questions About Dating

Thought Catalog

A list by The Gaggle’s Megan Snyder.

You don’t have to wander very far into the world wide web to find dating/relationship advice. There are articles that tell you how to know when a guy will call, or what her favorite drink says about her views on marriage, or the 148 signs that he might be a cheater. Every question about dating has seemingly been answered.

And yet, I still have questions. But just a few:

  • If you’re an adult, do you have a crush on someone or are you just “interested”? Is the idea of having a crush synonymous with the years of braces, AP Calc exams and prom?
  • Is there a difference between flirting and talking? Like when people say, “We’re just talking,” when asked about his/her romantic situation with another person, what exactly does that mean?
  • What conversation topics aren’t off-limits or boring or too revealing…

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