Losing Yourself…Finding Yourself…Losing Yourself…Finding Yourself (Lather, Rinse, Repeat)

I woke up this morning and as I was reflecting on the past week, it hit me…I hadn’t really been myself as of late. I noted some instances where I was really acting out of character and doing/saying things that …

1. I usually didn’t do and

2. I didn’t want to be doing.

Now, I mean, nothing necessarily monumental but hey still, I like to

1. Be in control of my actions and

2. Well…act in a respectable manner, as well as just being the type of person I generally want to be

Now we all act different at times, it is human nature, sometimes you can not control the way you react to something but I am speaking about those weird habits that just seem to show there naughty little heads every here and there. Whether it be saying something that I usually do not say (swearing) or even engaging in activities that I want to stay away from. Now depending on the type of person you are and how much you actually care or not about fixing things you don’t like about your personality or the way you interact with people, this can be really annoying. It does not take much for something to become a habit or even for us to revert back to old habits. Bottom line we all have things we see as negative traits, whether it be in ourselves or in somebody else, those things that lead you to think “ugh, I can’t stand to be around so and so”, even worse what happens when you yourself begin to exude these same negative traits you see in others…no bueno. There is no exact science as to what every individual, personally finds good or bad, even right or wrong, obviously there are some things that are just not justifiable such as killing an innocent person. I personally may not like the amount of swear words I have used lately, another person may see absolutely nothing wrong with swearing; I may think it is okay for everyone to have sex 1000 times, 1000 people another person may believe in abstinence until marriage, it is all subjective.

Human beings spend so much time and effort worrying about and trying to fix things like physical attributes, things that are not exactly fixable. People will spend tons of money on plastic surgery and the now so popular “booty shots” yet refuse to spend any time working on things that are in their control such as their personality and behavioral traits…things that can be fixed without being a health hazard, costing a bunch of money, or after being fixed still seeming unnatural(take that Nicki Minaj).

With all that said here are a few tips on how to recognize as well as maybe get yourself back into character and back to acting how you would like to act, this is not a surefire how-to simply a couple of things that help me when I am in similar situations…if you would like elaboration and a more in-depth list of tips feel free to swing me an email(davidk21@gmail.com)

1.Find a quiet place where you can be all alone, by yourse…who am I kidding, if you can think efficiently in the middle of the Air Canada Center as the Raptors are in the midst of another heart racing overtime game, just as Rudy Gay proceeds to hit the game winning shot…by all means go ahead.


2. Go over some of your recent “interactions” , pinpoint the things you felt were “out-of-your character” (Saying the F word)

3. Think of the events that lead to said behavior, topic of conversation, location, what might have been said before the occurrence, feelings? Etc…(Swore because I was upset, my friend swore, made my joke funnier)

4.What is the opposite of that behavior (using good language, speaking correctly)

5. In similar real-life situations, vow to act correctly, positively, correct the negative behavior if engaged in it, remind yourself of how you would like to act.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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