If Landry Fields doesn’t miraculously turn things around and I mean ASAP…I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve enjoyed watching the Raptors for the most part this year, anyone that knows me knows the Raptors have a special place in my heart…it’s sad that heart is the one thing that’s been missing from this team for a long time now. That changed this year, you could see it in their play (thank God for Kyle Lowry) and there was a heightened sense of optimism surrounding the team.With Kyle going down there were still a few bright spots, I’m one of the people rooting for Demar Derozan and his play to start this season has been really good, not saying he’s an all-star or anything but he’s definitely showed a new found aggressiveness that has helped him so far this year. I look forward to seeing Demar continue to grow as well as other positive Ed Davis and Terrence Ross. Can’t talk Raptors without mentioning the cornerstone of the franchise Jonas Valanciunas, I tried to advocate for him numerous times to anybody who would listen but everybody seemed to believe he was just another soft European player, and they were absolutely wrong. Let us hope that this franchise can continue to put things together and possibly squeeze out a playoff birth !


P.S Vince Carter broke my heart when he left but you gotta let bygones be bygones, I’d love for him to end his career here.

Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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