Random Thoughts.

Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving, I am. It’s been nice to be away from the stresses of school and spend some time with family and friends ! This is just going to be a quick pretty random, all over the place post; some scattered thoughts I guess you could say.

Loyalty. The state or quality of being loyal;  faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Pretty good thing to exhibit, as with many things moderation is important, people can be loyal to a fault. Sticking with something that clearly doesn’t work is an example of this; Brand loyalty, sticking with a brand or way of doing something when clearly it is ineffective or detrimental can be seen as being loyal to a fault. Everybody knows the famous quote “doing the same thing and expecting different results is equivalent to insanity”, as cliche as it sounds there is a lot to take away from that statement. Sometimes in order to get new, more positive results there has to be an influx of some new ideas, new actions, not simply sticking to old ideas and thoughts and expecting them to magically create a different situation.

Goals. Purpose. I feel setting goals gives you more purpose behind your actions; more things get done for a good reason; whereas a person can be doing things without any clear sense of why they are doing them. For instance why am I sitting here at 10:45 pm writing random things? Is it because I’m bored watching Sunday Night Football (Go Chargers) or is there more of a purpose behind this writing? (rhetorical question, I’ve got so much going on right now at now 10:52 pm(sarcasm), parentheses within parentheses (joke)). With goals set before hand it allows you to have predetermined actions that are meant to help you achieve that goal, which adds more focus to the things you do in your everyday life. Therefore there is no logic in continuing to engage in activities that contradict your goals and in turn hinder your chances of achieving these goals.

Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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