Favorite Fictional Character

Ahh a very difficult question to answer. I understand the difficulty in answering when someone asks “What’s your favorite movie?” or “What’s your favorite song?”…you mean out of all the movies and songs I’ve proclaimed to love I have to pick ONE ! Pretty farfetched, my answer to both of those questions probably varies in between different movies and songs depending on who’s asking or depending on which one I’ve seen or heard most recently. I will tend to ask questions similar to those just as simple “getting to know you” questions or in some cases as a way to maybe develop some insight on a person as an individual (next person I ask this question should have an elaborate, essay type response…just kidding) If there is one question I’ve been asked that I will always have the same response for it’s “Who is your favorite fictional character?” Now you might ask why I feel this is blogworthy; one because every time I answer I am met with a large gasp followed by a “why the hell do you like that character?”, and two after attempting to explain my reasoning I am then met with a “this guy has to be crazy” face.


Correct. The Joker, more importantly the Joker played by Heath Ledger is my favorite fictional character of all of the times. Now I realize the average person might not divulge into immense detail why they enjoy a character, some may not even think that far but being David Kantanka, I will go into brief detail in order to explain my fondness for the Joker character. I have yet to meet a person that does not applaud Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight but that’s besides the point. The Joker is a character that understands who he is (even if he is a psychopathic, lunatic) and understands his strengths and weaknesses, embraces them and does not allow his weaknesses to define him as a character. He is an enigma that does things HIS way and his way only. Two traits that describe your typical superhero or villain; superhuman abilities, larger than life. The Joker while ingenious, does not exhibit any sort of superhuman physical strength or powers nor is he larger than life, aside from the face-paint and maybe the purple suit (it’s 2012 I don’t know if guys have started wearing all purple suits in public yet, highly possible and likely) the Joker looks like a male you’d see in your everyday life which makes him the complete opposite of your typical superhero; yet the Joker still gets things done, whether it’s almost killing Batman, wreaking havoc over an entire city or single-handedly overtaking drug lords. I could continue on for days but I’ll put an end to this post here. Salute to the greatest of all-time, The Joker.

Any Feedback or comments are welcome !

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