Who’s Got Your Back- Keith Ferrazzi


This is a very deep, interesting read; I think everybody at some point in their lives has had or still has an issue with trust. Trust is one of the most difficult things to build but it is so crucial to developing relationships that are influential and positive. Keith Ferrazzi tackles a wide range of things such as steps to building trust, activities that can help build trust, why it is important to have trust as a base to any relationship, and also a key point he touched on; the fact that our relationships with various people at different points in our lives will help elevate us to achieve more and do better.

It is essential to have strong relationships where both people aren’t afraid to disclose their deepest fears and are able to give and receive constructive criticism, behind every higher up, within companies, in the business field everywhere you look those people all have at least one or two people that helped guide them or helped them revise their ideas before those ideas became what they are today. For anybody that struggles developing relationships, communicating effectively or has a problem trusting others this is a must-read. Even for anybody that has good relationships this book is a must-read in order to take those relationships to the next level.


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