I Stand Here Ironing

Yikes I’m kinda late on this post but I figured I’d share my thoughts with you guys anyways 🙂

I found “I Stand Here Ironing” really intriguing and I also found it gave a lot of insight into what it might be like living as a woman in that time period. Both the Marxist and Feminist perspective are applicable to this story but I find the Marxist approach more valid, the Narrator in the story appears to be left by her husband/partner and left to fend on her own as a single-parent; the setting of the story  automatically puts the woman in the lower class of society especially economically when the discrepancy between what working men and women made was large. The fact that the narrator was not able to make ends meat made it hard for her to create a good living environment for her daughter, leading her to have to send her daughter away to relatives and homes. The family’s economic and social status is a good indicator of why the daughter might be malnourished even though her mother tried to devote as much time and care as she could. The Depression also has a direct impact on the life of the narrator and her offspring, the hard economic times for society made it even harder for the narrator to hold a stable job.

One thought on “I Stand Here Ironing

  1. Again, I agree with you feeling that the Marxist approach is the better of the two. I find the feminist approach does not do it justice and makes it seem like another sad mother story. I don’t mean to be critical but there are better stories that suit the feminist approach and this does not cut it. However, it does give the Marxist definition a prime example of what it means, and the economic struggles within the story allows us to understand more on why Communism was severely flawed.

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