Story of An Hour Response

I thought this was an interesting read, a lot of twists and descriptive writing going on especially with the setting and scenery(the window). I believe the ending of the story is more important than the setting even though the author does spend a lot of time on the setting I feel like it is the ending that really makes the story what it is. Chopin is definitely a gifted writer but I do feel as from reading this story she simply is a creator of clever plot twists and a local colorist, I do not see much character development through the story which can be hard to do in such a short story. All in all it was a good read and kept me entertained but I do have to agree with some of the sentiments of the critics !

3 thoughts on “Story of An Hour Response

  1. I find that if there was character development it would have ruined the story a little bit, so i’m glad she left it out. With the fact it stated her not wanting a long life the day before, and then wishing for one after the breaking news, it shows that this experience had changed her and for the better. But it also seems to be kind of off to me. Why would she end up being so happy that her husband passed away. Also, was the last sentence , –of joy that kills, referring to the joy that her husband was still alive, or the joy that she was finally going to live her life for her, and seeing her dead husband just make her heart stop. (it would be pretty shocking) .

  2. I think after going over it today, it makes more sense that how the story ended connects to how it started, stating her heart troubles, siding with the metaphorical sense of the heart aching from years of pain. I agree, it was very interesting to read and how she twisted it at the last moment was very clever, and yeah it is hard to put character development in such a short story. I found it so unique how her name changed from her title to her first name when she found out her husband died, like she was really free. Chopin defiantly is a gifted writer, good points you got there.

  3. I think the lack of character development helps with the “twist” at the end. By dropping the reader into the story with the characters and setting already established we kind of have to just accept things the way they are and fill in some of the gaps. The author also makes excellent use of foreshadowing, as Anne points out above, by mentioning the heart troubles in the opening of the story and then having the heart trouble be the cause of her demise in the end.

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